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Who are we?

Hello, I am Yasin,
Since you are reading this article, you are curious about us.
So let me briefly talk about our history of beginning, dedication and success.

When the pandemic shook the world, we were serving many textile companies. Of course, when the world was shaken, we were shaken too. Until this period, we have met our family's needs without any problems. But life went on, income was essential. We were collecting the small budgets we allocated for trade in a pool and it was time to use this pool.

The textile industry was the first choice for us because the customers to whom we provide printing and product packaging services are textile production factories.

The LadyMelex brand was founded in this search. It started the production process to become a well-known brand in Turkey.

We continued our growth momentum as much as our budget and means allowed. We evaluated this process well and organized it very well with our family members. We have become a careful family company that meticulously follows every stage of production and service.

Based on high product quality, appreciation and trust, we started to produce very affordable products. We sold many of our products in high quantities. While producing market-leading products with a dynamic structure and innovative approaches, we did not reduce product quality with the costing method we applied. We sold more.

Love from the LadyMelex family...



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